This month’s Yononaka ** June **

I’ll do it again, this month’s Yononaka.

What is happening this month in society?

Roughly, I would like to see it roughly.

Please take a look at it easily.

Because it is three, it is a rough flow.

The cards that came out were “Yuri”, “Clover” and “Mountains” from the left.

Since the middle is a “clover”, this month there will be more lucky opportunities.

It is a gambling, temporary thing, so it is different from the long -term good luck.

It may look like a jackpot that passes in an instant.

Is it a win that makes use of that chance?

However, it is easy to make use of opportunities like those who have been lowered so far and those who have been experienced all the time.

It may be a so -called veteran.

Regardless of age, it seems like a person who has been continuing for a long time and has gained experience.

Such a person may be able to make a momentary chance.

From a slightly above perspective, gambling relationships may attract attention.

Last month, online casinos have become a hot topic, but this month may be something in that relationship.

But 바카라 the situation seems to be a little strict.

There are some obstacles, hurdles, and difficult things, so it’s hard to move forward.

It may not be likely to be expected to develop for the time being.

In any case, good luck and opportunities are an instant.

On the other hand, it may be a peaceful time that has never been noticeable.

That’s a good thing.

By the way, what happens?

I am blessed because it seems to be peaceful in Japan.

Then, around here.

Thank you for reading this time!

It is June.

In July, attack with Kabaneri

─ Memorial of the penetration specifications

Selected for the first team of Unit 6.5!

With the elements that users want

Out of other new platforms!

With a large amount of the whole body

Practice offensive sales!

↓ ↓ ↓

Sales theme

“Colorful Zest”

I want to play every day with a seven -color change ( + α)

We aim for such a business!

A new era that evolves!

August when further fun attacks!

Opened at 10:00 on Saturday, August 6th

The lottery will be held in front of the east exit from 9:45

Today’s flower gold business

It must explode x misfire

I received a disturbed release

Thank you!

Oh, inside the hall

Run around

Sweaty customer service

Have a fun sweat after a long time

Thank you

I wonder if I was thin (laughs)

A little blast

It seemed to be small

That is tomorrow

Let’s turn!


For the first time in a month

Almost 131 units!

Long 슬롯나라 -awaited

Come back day!

When can you hit it?

What a voice

Because it is a popular model

Give as much as you want

Please enjoy! !

On Saturday, such a weekend

That model you want to hit

Aiming ~ (laughs)

The fun is much more

Penetration state!


Because there are good models

I should sweat well tomorrow

Almost 131 units after a long absence

It’s a little nice

Let’s show it!

Opening at 10:00 am tomorrow

Many visitors

We’ll be expecting you

★ Infection prevention measures under implementation ★

Opening the east -west automatic door and being ventilated

The game stand is undergoing disinfection

Thorough wearing masks

An environment where you can enjoy gaming with peace of mind

We will provide you! !

↓ ↓ ↓

▼ New stand lineup ▼

★ New BOX ★

★ Royal Road BOX ★

<< Information >>>

I am changing the smoking space

Entrance on the counter side

(Outside store) only

You can smoke

The JR side will quit smoking

In addition, customers who wish to smoke

A ashtray in the store

We are preparing

Please use that

Please smoke

Don’t let the poi be thrown away

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation

Thank you!