“Power of vessel ♪”

The dishes in my home are probably not large compared to other houses (because they don’t cook), but they are almost cute and cute.

This is an Arita ware of the Singapore pattern that I got when I graduated from Singapore

It’s so cute and I take care of it, but I use it every day

Hermes and Baccarat (Baccarat will break well, so I’ll buy it again, but I will use a lot to use a lot to give me a daily mood.

However, while thinking that everyone knows something wonderful

I bought it myself, such as Amai in Vietnam or Bali.

After that, it’s a Mug of Starbucks in each country


There are a lot of wonderful things 크레이지슬롯 in Japan, but I have little hand

I will enjoy rice today as I value the children now and enjoy the vessels that may meet someday.

Good evening ♪


Thank you for visiting us. m (_ _) m

Today, “Yoshi” was a holiday, so I handed the IC, so it seemed to be online during the day of the day, but it was not connected at all. (Sweat)

On the other hand, online just before returning home,

In the first match, the master was 50th zero one + gates, and there was nothing in particular. (Laughs) Then, the absolute awakening god is the main gauge lowering, the 1R stable hettlezlot, the breaker is rolled up from the second attack, and the 3R opponent reach is unusual. (Sweat) After that, I changed my mind about two races, but thank you to everyone who had you play ♪

Then, a little preparation for LR, one of the guities ♪

Ability automatically increases the burst gauge rates to the AP + 10 and 2 squares up to 3R, up to 3R, and if it is RP5 or higher under the first conditions, the Outchi rate is super -down.

Burst abilities drop 2 squares to the opponent’s gauge to 1000 recovery, AP + 25, and 1000 recovery, and if it is the first burst, the attack will increase and the Oito will be super -uploaded.

It is up to 3R, but if you meet the conditions, you will raise the AP35 / gauge by 2 squares, but it is in accordance with the current 모바일바카라게임 one, but the first of the fist, the RP compensation for the card that cannot be covered by yourself, and the upper limit of the AP, the deck construction. Is in various ways. (Sweat)

The burst is not so attractive, and the cospa is not good, I don’t think there’s much turn personally.

Well, the dedicated system will still remain, but there was no stamp like a low -rare reevise system, and was it only a ribous bullet? (Sweat)

Ability automatically automatically at the start of each round, all slots + 10 and 3 gauge 3 squares, and if the slot is stopped, if the slot is 4 or more, the AP + 25, RP + 2, and the burst gauge are uploaded to your own attack. Cost +1.

Burst abilities are “Special Moves”, so if you shoot Burst Specials yourself, you will be killed by yourself, guts transcendent down in half of your opponent, and if the opponent activates the special, only the round, but twice the total defense. Dead -2000 for the whole opponent.

If the cost increase or decrease on the surface is not a problem if it is not lowered to an enemy or friend, there is no problem in self -resolution, the AP gain 35, the 3 mass burst gauge super -uploaded, and it is covered by the RP compensation, so I am concerned about the order of other issues. Is it pretty good to use it?

Burst Specials may be a bit of a special killer + 4500 and half defense, but no matter what you do, you can only get the image of Migawari (explosion), and how much damage can be cut?

Either way, the biggest neck is Zolda Yura, a 50th zero one/is target. (Sweat)

That’s it, but so far, I don’t have a card that I want to keep early, so I don’t feel like digging at all.

The day after tomorrow, I took a break at the beginning of the operation day, but I had some holidays at work, so I canceled (sweat), would I leave the repo to other people after a long absence? ( ̄ ▽  ̄;)