“Introducing the count rate of online casino! Conditions for bonus withdrawal? ]

Online casinos have various types of bonuses for users. There are bonuses that do not require payment, initial payment bonus, deposit bonus, etc. You can also receive bonuses in regular tournaments and events.

Among them, no payment bonus is a highly recommended bonus for users who register for the first time in a casino. You can play casinos without initial investment. If you meet the conditions, you can withdraw as a real money, so it is possible to generate a high amount of money from 0 yen.

Although it is a bonus that is an important factor in online casinos, if the amount you receive depending on the casino is different, the betting condition and count rate of the withdrawal conditions will also change.

The betting condition is to bet on the bonus specified by the casino when withdrawing the bonus. If the bonus you can receive is $ 10 and the bet is 20 times, it is a withdrawal condition to bet the total in the game.

However, the amount reflected in the betting conditions changes depending on the game. The system is called count rate. This time, I will introduce the count rate that changes depending on the game under the bet.

At the online casino, there are always bets on the bonuses you received. The betting condition is a system that changes the amount reflected by the count rate of the play game. You can receive $ 35 without payment bonuses by registering for free at Belajon Casino. The bet is 20 times, so you have to play with a total of $ 700 games. The count rate for each game is as follows.

All 바카라 slot video slot instant games/100%

Roulette (other than live casinos)/15%

Baccarat, Puntbanko, Video Poker, Caribbean Poker, Texas Holdem (All Types)/10%

Blackjack, Pon Tsun, Live Casino/10%

If you want to clear your betting conditions at Velajon casino, we recommend playing with a slot. No payment bonus is a bonus that can be received just by registering for free online casinos.


One branch that comes to mind when risk.

The owner leaves a long way and entrusts the servants to the talent. Time passes and the owner returns. One species was sincere to make money by selling or investing. The other, however, confesses that he was buried in the ground because he was afraid to lose money. The owner gets angry and drives out the bell. And he takes the money of the servant and gives it to another species.

It is a so -called talent analogy in the Bible. According to Christian doctrine, the talent symbolizes the talent given by God. If you decay your talent, it’s like abandoning your duty. If you interpret this story as it is, you can get a little different lesson. If you don’t risk now, you’ll get another risk.

There is a saying that you meet a tiger to avoid foxes. The risks that must be avoided are very slowly and heavy. Like a very huge glacier. It is difficult to turn around the moment you collide there. From a distance, you have to turn the direction key little by little. If you do not do this properly, a crash will occur in the wide sea.

Risk is uncertainty. If you think that life is a series of uncertainty, you can say that living is risk. Man makes a lot of decisions and the decision leads to certain results. What if you make any decisions? It is also a choice. The world does not wait until the button is pressed. There is time limit in everything.

Uncertainty presupposes that the decision does not know where. Will my life unfold or twist when I leave? Will the price rise or lower if you buy this stock? Should I choose this spouse, or should I break up now? In fact, it is unknown. It is almost impossible to fully control the value. However, the risk can be reduced as much as possible.

How can we reduce the risk? To reduce your risk, you need to increase the expected value as much as possible. The average of the consequences that a certain choice will bring to me is the expected value. The expected value consists of two elements. Probability and results. Calculate the probability and exact value according to the options and multiply the two. You can choose the option with the largest one of them. It is so simple to look like this.

Reflecting value = probability (%) x

There are two ways to increase the expected value. Increase your probability or increase the price. The problem is that those on this positive extremes make an irrational decision.

1. The act of increasing the probability without thinking about the price

Only the most obvious road will be selected. From an investment point of view, only the forecasting is continued. (Some people ask for money in the garlic field) The deposit is the second obvious investor after government bonds. Unless the bank is closed, the confirmation rate is guaranteed 1-2%. However, considering the inflation rate, real returns are converged to zero or rather negative. Investments express money that money melts.

Of course, if you have a clear purpose of collecting seed money or the use of marriage funds, you can be a great option. But in the long run, you need to continue to find another investment. To avoid huge glaciers coming from far away.

2. The act of increasing the price without thinking of the probability

If the former is a trap that is likely to be risky, the latter is the temptation that risk pursuits are common. Lottery, gambling, and speculation are typical. As a result, think only about big rewards to receive and bet on your own money. Not only the lottery, but also gambling, and in fact, it is a structure that loses money from the point of view.

If you buy a lottery 1,000 won, about half of them will 크레이지슬롯 be allocated. In other words, the expected return on the lottery is negative 50%. Even if you buy all the lottery tickets, you will lose money. The same is true for gambling. Although it varies from game to game, all gambling systems are designed a little more advantageous on the casino side. The more gambling, the more you lose money.

The options of the positive extremes are very risk in itself. There is only a difference in speed, but it is a bad result. After all, it is best to take appropriate risks through the right probability and the right match. If you drive investment in speculative assets, you can make a lot of money, but you can lose it. However, if you bury the funds only in the garlic field, it will melt slowly to become a so -called thunderbolt.

There are many ways, including long -term investment, diversification, and accumulated investment, but this is a technical area. The most important thing is to discover the coming glaciers from afar and to risk a little bit. The huge ice is easy to see. But never ignore it. Rather than being expensive to move on the stock price right now, you should be more afraid of retirement that will be greeted without any technology or asset. You have to spread your life longer and move the direction key of your life.

The Donghak ant movement, which has been continuing since last year, and the recent trendy retirement relay are different from before. As the price of asset prices rises and there is little interest rate, it will take some risk and build assets. In addition, when the lifetime work disappeared and the salary alone could not buy a house, people began to choose another alternative.

Most of all, I read ‘Craving for Jacquet’ in this phenomenon. The desire to make my own things without being shaken by external factors. The desire to lose the risk of life. The way to reduce the risk of truly is to live independently with uncertainty. That is it.