From the Blue Dragon Film Awards to Golden Globe

This year’s Netflix Korean original drama [Squid Game] ‘Lee Jung -jae, who has become a national district or a psychological superstar, recently,’ Golden Gloves’, one of the largest awards in North America, following the North American ‘Gotham Awards’ and North America’s Gotham Awards. It is nominated and is gathering a big topic.

Including Lee Jung -jae’s Best Actor’s Nomination, the news of the nominations of three categories, including the Best TV series and TV drama Best Supporting Actor, is special, when the Korean drama is nominated for the Golden Globe Awards until before. Because there was no. In 2019, Bong Joon -ho’s parasite and 2020 actor Yoon Yeo -jung’s Minari won the Golden Globe Foreign Language Film Award, but this is the first record in the drama category. In addition, [Squid Game] is the first non -English -language work to be nominated for ‘Work Award’. [Squid Game] will be competing with Apple TV’s [The Morning Show], FX’s [Pose], Netflix’s [Lupin], and HBO’s [Session].

Did you know that the birthday of ‘Lee Jung -jae’, who became a Shu. of the world beyond Korea, is today (December 15)? On a special day, I would like to introduce the actor’s actor Lee Jung -jae, recommended by Cinepick from now on. Then shall we look right?

Its cine pick !!

Drama | Korea | 116 minutes | Youth not can see

Director: Bae Chang -ho | Starring: Lee Jung -jae, Shin Eun -kyung, Jeon Mi -sun, Kwon Oh -jung

� 72,347 people (based on Seoul)

Lee Han -han is a third -class model that lives alone in Seoul, where desire and ambitions are written, and shares instant love with the wealthy college students. Han falls in love with Ja -yi, one day he finds an older Seung -hye on Rodeo Street and falls into her. He also raises ambitions with the instrument of the pleasure of the loss of the agency, the manager of the agency. Han is surrounded by these three women and begins to fall into a beautiful, tender and dangerous relationship. For Han, who has a great opportunity to run the path of the top model with the help of Seung -hye, the algami is a model of the model. Eventually, Han kills the loss and abandones, and suffers from conflict and pain, but has a complete crime. But the wheel of his desires, which is already out of control, slowly rushes toward death.

Cine PICK: Lee Jung -jae’s first film and the first leading film, , became a youth star, including a rookie of the Blue Dragon Film Awards, a rookie of Daejongsang rookie, a new acting award for the Baeksang Arts Awards . Of course, at the same time, there was an immortal masterpiece called [Hourglass], but this film was also a film that imprinted the actor ‘Lee Jung -jae’ itself. As Jung Woo -sung in Beat, the character of is attractive.

Drama | Korea | 108 minutes | Youth not can see

Director: Seongsu Kim | Starring: Jung Woo -sung, Lee Jung -jae, and Hangoeun

� 329,778 people (based on Seoul)

The boxer, Do -cheol, quits boxing after being defeated by his junior Sung Hoon. Dodo meets the same peer Honggi at Heungsin -so, which was introduced by the director. Honggi does not cover the water if it is money to become the owner of the 3 billion building of Apgujeong -dong. Mimi is a narrator model that dreams of Hong Ki’s star. Do -cheol does not abandon his regret for boxing while working for an errand center, and Hong is a position to owe and chase the neighborhood bully. Do -cheol will be able to violate the violence without knowing the punch drink phenomenon, and he is trusted by the president of Heungshin -so, but he leaves Heungshin because Hong -gi’s money is taken away. Do -cheol tries to reach Mimi, but he does not accept Mimi, who is a star. As Hong Ki, who was chased by the disease, ran away with the money of Do -cheol, Do -cheol was fighting again. Hong -gi, who came to Seoul to meet with Byeong -guk, tried to build a wall, but he did not accept the disease, but Mimi, who was selected as the main character, gave the heroine to other candidates just before the shooting, and Hong -gi and Mimi broke up. And I’m playing the last match against Sung Hoon …

Cine PICK: The movie ‘Lee Jung -jae’ and ‘Jung Woo -sung’, known as the best friend of the Korean entertainment industry, are well known as a movie that comes to mind when it comes to youth. In addition, it is a movie that cannot be seen because it contains the visuals of the two actors. In fact, there is a film created by the director and the crew of Bit, so many people think of Jung Woo -sung actor when there is no sun. Do you know that Lee Jung -jae won the Best Actor award for the Blue Dragon Film Awards through this movie? It is also a movie that stands out with Lee Jung -jae’s actor.

Drama, Melo/Romance, Fantasy | Korea | 94 minutes | 12 -year -old viewer

Director: Hyunseung Lee | Cast: Lee Jung -jae, Jeon Ji -hyun

� 248,597 people (based on Seoul)

It snowed a lot in January 1998. Be careful with the cold. Eun -ju (Jeon Ji -hyun), who believes that his letter went to December 1998, often sends a letter. She is a voice actor. At the time I talked about, I went to that place, and Eun -ju passed by Seonghyun as if it was passing by. The two met for the first time. It is said to himself, and Sung -hyun, who finds out that his father loved him after seeing the father’s house sent by Eun -ju. He confesses that he was narrow in front of his father’s grave. A woman who promised marriage was next to her, and she wanted to return everything to her last place to meet her lover. I didn’t know that the reality was so hard, and Sung -hyun, who faced Eun -ju on the subway again, tells Eun -ju who doesn’t know him. Eun -ju, who knows that she loved Sung -hyun, is running in front of Ilmare with a letter to not to go to the place he talked about.

Cine PICK: Not in October, it’s love beyond time. Now, it may be the number one hit by the movie that Jeon Ji -hyun and Lee Jung -jae met, but at the time of the release, Yoo Ji -tae, who was released at the same time, and Kim Ha -neul’s recorded a slightly pushed performance. However, it is a remake of the Hollywood star, Keanu Reeves and Sandra Block, which received a good response abroad. For this reason, it is also a film that has been steadily mentioned since its release.

Crime, Action, Drama | Korea | 135 minutes | 15 -year -old audience

Director: Donghoon Choi | Starring: Kim Yun -seok, Kim Hye -soo, Lee Jung -jae, Jeon Ji -hyun, Kim Hae -sook

� 12,983,821 people (national standard)

Ten thieves, 1 diamond they started moving! Korean thieves Popeai, Yeni Call, chewing gum, and a zampano. Those who have been successful in the museum will hear a new plan in Hong Kong, proposed by Macau Park, a former partner of Popeye. In addition, Macau Park does not invite him, and the safe hair that has just been released from prison is joined, and five people head to Hong Kong, dreaming of the best reversal of life. A four -member Chinese thieves Chen, Andrew, Julie, and Johnny waiting for Korean thieves in Hong Kong. Thieves in Korea and China who do not delay each other’s boundaries with the best experts. Macau Park, who appeared in the tight tension, reveals his planned target. It is a rare diamond hidden in Macau Casino. Those who can’t guarantee success, but who can’t refuse $ 20 million in sweet suggestions begin to steal the tears of the sun. However, I believe in the secret Macau Park, which is unknown to the real intentions, Popeai, who is aiming for the back of Macau Park, and Fabsi, who can’t forget the memories of the past, and Jenicol, who takes care of the cash in front of the team, and Korean thieves. Chen and Chinese thieves. It was gathered to steal, but the purpose is that 10 different thieves begin to build their own plans.

Cine PICK: What is the first 10 million film by Lee Jung -jae and the top 10 domestic movie audience as of 2021? Yes, the thieves. If you choose one of the actors of Lee Jung -jae, there are many people who talk about New World or Assassination than the Thieves, but 슬롯머신 the thieves are more meaningful as they opened the door. Above all, in the films that have been out of Korea as well as the Chinese actors, their own charms are also outstanding.

Action, Drama | Korea | Crankin: 2021.05.08 | Crank Up: 2021.11.13

Director: Lee Jung -jae | Starring: Lee Jung -jae, Jung Woo -sung, Jeon Hye -jin, Ko Yoon -jung

Ahn Ki -gi -gu, Park Pyeong -ho (Lee Jung -jae) and Kim Jung -do (Jung Woo -sung), chasing the head of the spy spy and facing the huge truth.

Cine PICK: Actor Lee Jung -jae, or Lee Jung -jae’s first director, Hunt, recently announced the news of crankup. Jung Woo -sung and Lee Jung -jae are a film that has been united 22 years after , the actor Jeon Hye -jin, who showed impressive appearance in the action film, and one of the hottest 20s recently actor Ko Yoon -jung < It seems that there are a lot of attractive points, such as the screen debut through Hunt>.

In the Korean representative actor, I looked at the production of ‘Lee Jung -jae’ actor who became an actor in the world. Please wait and have a glimpse day until then.

Cine Lab Editor Cammie

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The palm trees that stretch straight like the coastal city spread out to the side of the road. The housing prices seemed to be peaceful through the busy main street. Driving a car rental and passing through the residential districts, the houses neatly decorated with various plants caught their eyes.

Here, where more trees are seen in and out of the house, are the cities on the desert? Grass and trees showing dark green in every house. Las Vegas, where blue trees live vividly as if they laughed at the providence of nature.

Las Vegas’s daytime scenery was so different from my imagination.

The large yellow school buses I saw in American movies have passed. Las Vegas also has elementary and middle schools. In fact, Las Vegas is the largest city with a population of 2 million in Nevada. It’s natural to have a school in the city, why am I so surprised? It may be because the image of Las Vegas imprinted on me through movies and media was just a city of casinos and entertainment. My stereotypes about this place, which had been stuck for decades, were shattered in half a day while looking around the city. Yes, it’s a neighborhood where people live here. After all, people and travel guidance must be experienced directly.

Red Rock Canyon, the sublime of the great nature I met in Las Vegas

In fact, I stayed in Las Vegas for a few days and wanted to go to the Grand Canyon, but I was not staminated and it was tight. Instead, I went to Red Rock Canyon, 30 minutes by car. In Las Vegas, it was unintentional to see the vastness of Mother Nature.

The Red Rock Canyon in the Mojave Desert shows a magnificent sight that feels solemn even if you just look at it. How can we express the joy of the moment that was so ecstatic that it was incomparable with the artificial Las Vegas’s splendor? Is this the impression of facing the flesh of Mother Nature? Passionate red waves are looking at all rocks and mountains. I felt like something bursting out of the heart. It seems that I first felt the sublime of any beauty that can only be felt in nature.

Night of the city filled with desire

Of course, Las Vegas’s night was a gorgeous star. The moment you step on the main street of Las Vegas covered with neon signs, anyone will be overwhelmed by the splendor. All the hotels show the magnificence and splendor in the world, and the neon signs of all kinds of neon signs that are so bright that their eyes are swollen. 사설홀덤사이트 As a tourist from all over the world, the crowds who have been crowded to see the fountain shows of the Bellagio Hotel, which must be seen once, the black dancers who have noisy streets, bulboying and bright energy, and the Bellagio Hotel’s fountain show. Just standing inside will rise by itself.

At the same time, you can see young people who enjoy drinking while walking on a tumbler and drinking streets. I hope this burst and see people sitting in it all night. Even if the dream of deviation, the dream of a bath, and all desires cannot be realized in just one night, anyone can try anything. So allowed, the desires are constantly called people here, and the desires pop out and the night deepens, the more filled with Las Vegas.

Can I see this performance again in my life?

In fact, one of the reasons for visiting Las Vegas was because I wanted to see the circus of the sun once. I really wanted to see and feel the state of the art that I heard only in words and how great it was. It was perfectly lacking from the moment I entered the venue with a ticket I bought a few months ago until the end of all the performances. The actors flew around the sky, and music, art, dance, acting, and story were harmonized. It was a performance that gave the best art to the arts like me. Should I say dizzy when I get drunk and stand up with the perfect splendor? When the performance was over, the applause of the praise, I felt like all sorts of stimuli were injected at once. On the one hand, it was a pity.

“It’s no use anymore now,”

It seems that I felt that at that moment that I could not satisfy me anywhere in the future. Will the opportunity to see such a wonderful art will come back?

A day like a mirage that cannot be owned

Las Vegas is a city that makes you feel dozens of emotions in a day. Even though I can’t think of anything about myself, I can’t think of anything about myself. The place where all my sleeping sensations have been awakened and that all that sensation disappears.

After all the schedules, I returned to the hotel and looked at the view of the city over the window, and all the brilliance suddenly disappeared, and only faint lights were blinking in silence. The gorgeous neon signs that I just saw in front of my eyes, and the performances of the actors on the arts, are all like a mirage overnight. What is the real face of the city hidden in the splendor? Even though the energy is overflowing, the lights are turned off, and what’s really really like?

There is no noise, so the entire city seems to be breathing quietly in the dark desert. It seemed that only neon signs shining in the heavy body and darkness of the towering hotels that were visible far away seemed to give me a gesture not to turn off the embers of desire.