“Casino arrest” “Igawa Mitaka” retaliates again, and “Coup

Atonement for my father. The main reason is that he made his note, “and to dissolve again.” Former Chairman of the Daio Paper, Motaka Igawa, was immersed in casinos in Singapore and Macau and melt 10.68 billion yen. In November 2011, he was charged with violation of the Companies Act (specially appointed), as he borrowed 5.53 billion yen from 카지노 seven related companies of Daio Paper to make up 5.53 billion yen and fill in losses. He was forced to live for more than three years, and his father, Kaohsiung Igawa, who was called the “ancestor of Chuko,” was also excluded from the Daio Paper. Mr. Igawa continues to confess in the “Weekly Shincho” July 14, 2022 issue “Money” column. “I touched my father’s scales who knew the facts of illegal borrowing, and I had no choice but to quit my job. In late August 2011, I submitted a resignation to Masayoshi Saki, the president. Except for the chairman of the company, it was described that only the chairman of the Daio Paper would resign on September 16th. “

“Weekly Shincho” July 21, 2022 “Money” column

Sunday when it rained.

I saw the F1 qualifying the night before, so I was a little sleepy, but I left home at 5:30 in the morning. Since the riser has not been running a long distance, I want to check the change in the ride.

Hachioji ramen at Ishikawa PA

Get off at Hachioji Interchange and aim for Musashi Itsukaichi -Hinohara Village. For the time being, go to the forest of Tokyo people? It is said that the pilgrimage to the pilgrimage of the Hyakunone in Japan (33 in the west, 33 Bando, Chichibu, 34 places, total of hundreds of hundred places) was built in commemoration. It seems that those who could not pilgrimage were indirectly profitable. If you pay attention, it seems that this is everywhere. 7:30 in the morning at this stage. It’s too early in the morning to get inside. Half wet on this day. I’m scared because sometimes the manhole of Nurenure comes out.

The entrance of the Okutama Zai Road. The gate was opened at 8 o’clock.

Since the driving was digested, I decided to increase the number of revolutions a little. From 6th to 5th speed. The digital tactic is 6,000 revolutions. If it is a manufacturer website, the blowing from 7,000 revolutions seems to be the real pleasure of this engine, so drop it to 1st and 4th gear. Then the engine began to growl from around 7,000 revolutions. Furthermore, it accelerates from there as much as the throttle is opened. It is not a variable valve, but I feel that my personality has clearly changed. The wind pressure is amazing because there is no cowl, but it is stable. This speed (private) even though it is 4th gear. What happens if you open 6 온라인슬롯 -speed? In the case of Bonneville, there were many simplifier phenomena with the handle, but the CB did not shift at all. If you can afford it at low speed, release your hand from the handle. The red zone is 12,500 rotations, but I don’t feel like it can be used regularly until 10,000 revolutions.


I feel like driving as it is (laughs).

Honda’s motorcycle is a suge.