3 stylish zipper wallet brands recommended for men [latest version in 2022]

The wallet with a zipper is easy to open and close and is popular with many men. Therefore, we will take up the popular men’s zipper wallet “2022 latest information” for gifts. We will introduce the 크레이지슬롯 genre separately for each wallet and introduce it in detail, so please use it to select a gift that will make men happy. Specification New brand name (Chrome Hearts) Product name New Chrome Hearts Wave Woolet Multicolor Cross Patch Long Patch Long Purse Color Black/Black x Multicolor Material Leather Wallet fake 667130VCQC13520
• Intrecciato leather wallet
• 10 card slots, 1 billing, 4 pockets, 1 coin parent with zipper
• Press Study Logger Material: 50%Lambskin, 50%calfskin
• Lining: Calf leather
• Color: Kiwi
• Bracket: Gold finish
• Height: 9 cm
• Width: 14.5 cm
• Depth: 2 cm style: 667130VCQC13520 * Color: as shown in the photo (actual photography) * Level: 1 to 1 (N class) And the real thing is better than the photo! * Get good products with affordable value! ! ■ Product specifications ■ 10 x 19 x 2 cm (width x height x gusset) Material: Epi leather (leather type: cowhide) lining: Textile trimming: leather (leather type: cowhide), monogram Eclipse canvas (color: color: Silver) Pocket for Card X16 Pocket for Country Pocket Type Coin Case Banknotes, Ticket Flat Pocket X4 Calcean Compartment with Town [Related Articles]:

In Las Vegas, buffet -style restaurants are popular, and the content of cooking content has been high for a long time. The restaurant is pronounced as a buffet locally, but it is operating with pride from each store without lowering the level of dishes that are still offered.

This time it is a long time in Las Vegas, so I decided to use a hotel Caesar Palace buffer restaurant, which is one of the best buffer restaurants in Las Vegas.

The restaurant is a restaurant called Buccal.

Tonight’s dinner is a long -awaited buffer The restaurant was in the hotel Caesar Palace.

From the main lobby of the hotel to the restaurant through the dedicated passage.

The name of the store is the Backaanal Buffet. It is famous for Las Vegas for the finest dishes.

The hotel scissopalace, of course, has a casino place, but the passage to the restaurant Buccal was a dedicated line without going through the casino field.

After all, the hotel is a scissor -like castle in the first place. Is it okay for the common people to enter the restaurant? … and it’s a bit worrisome.

Anyway, when I walked according to the guide display, there was a restaurant.

Oh, oh … It’s a line … The lineup is long …

We did not make a reservation in advance.

Because I am in a line and I’m free, I take a picture of the signboard and kill time. It was not just us.

Even though the race is different, humans are all the same …?

Even if the race is the same, the personality is completely different …

Still, the line is moving forward.

Apparently, it was early after the dinner section started, so the customers seem to be entering more and more instead of waiting for the table seats.

I did it! “Apparently, I don’t have to wait so much …

Mumumu…. You can see the buffet -style dish.

Everyone lined up in order and select a selection …

We were also guided to the table.

Let’s go to cook immediately! You can use any plates!

Appatizer a la carte dishes are also served beautifully.

There are many types of appetizers alone!

It seems easy to eat small plates.

Sushi in the cupsushi. Japanese -style dishes are also finished as a world torn with stylish creation.

This is an Oriental -style side dish.

There is also Italian food.

For drinks, soft drinks are free. Alcohol is a separate charge.

American basic food is also quite high -quality making. It is different from supermarket delivery.

Ham is fine and there are many types.

Baked vegetables that look delicious.

As you proceed to the main dish, chicken will cut not only chicken but also round -roasted turkey in a delicious part.

And the roast beef was visible.

This beef was also a dangerous round roast.

This is a prime rib steak, right?

The crawfish, which is old in the United States, is a high -end dish if the buckle chef cooks.

It’s a crab … The size is an oversized crab leg.

Ca ~~~! “Shrimp and crabs are full of tenko! !! !!

Robster’s nail meat! “There is also a shell!”

A little! This is really dangerous! Only lobster nail meat is served with an oversized size!

Hey, you! Is it okay to make that much? “If you have two dishes in both hands, how do you add food after this?

As I said, I don’t handle it. I’m doing my best!

a! “There was!” I found it! This is it!

Stone club on mussels! ! !

This is another big size stone club!

In fact, my biggest aim in this buffet food was this stone club.

After all, a few years ago, I had been captivated by the phantom ingredients since I ate at the authentic Miami.

Among the many Buffer restaurants in Las Vegas, the only part of the bakanal has a stone club on the cooking menu.

This is a valuable dish that will not be in your mouth unless you go to a specialty store, and in general, it costs 1000 yen for this size. It’s surprising because it’s all -you -can -eat!

Phantom luxury ingredients Stone Club. The habitat is that the habitat is a part of the Mediterranean, the fishing season is limited to winter only, and only the crab claws caught are mandatory to return the body to the sea. It is a ingredient.

Stone Club is a valuable species of its living body itself, and it is a protected animal with only nail meat that can be eaten as a dish, but it seems that the nail legs will be regenerated in one year.

We first ate a stone club when we traveled a few years ago.

I went to Miami, the home of Stone Club Cuisine, so it was the biggest fun, but at the restaurant I used at this time, one dish was a seafood combo of $ 70 (about 8000 yen), stone club attached. Only three.

Of course, it was delicious and delicious.

The taste of the stone club is a super rich and creamy crab taste. The taste cannot be expressed by that word alone.

If you can eat all -you -can -eat high -quality ingredients, tenth shells and extra -large shrimp are also served!

amazing! Too terrible! ! !

And this is my first dish!

A luxury seafood that is dangerous …

Of course, we don’t remove meat dishes!

Lost beef is jewelry in Kotekote, and it doesn’t look delicious!

What do you do? I brought about three times 강원랜드슬롯머신검증사이트 each of them … It’s like this …

Dowa! A dish dish that is lined up. There are several types of soft drinks.

Not to mention roast beef, seafood such as lobster nail meat and tsubu shellfish in a stone club.

Also, you can also carry grilled vegetables, shrimp, crayfish, and other ラ la carte dishes.

I’ll eat soon! I’ll eat it! Are you ready?

e? No one has heard …? ?

Ca ~~~! Already, A Wow Se …

At this time, I had six stone clubs alone.

In other words, it is 6000 yen … In addition to that, it was a luxury dish, and it was completely taken …

With the most delicious buffet dish, the stomach is satisfied with the goldfish.

The peach ranger is also returned with a full smile.

Ah “… … I’m full, I can’t walk …

Backcanal of scissor spales, the best! ! !