★ Cinema time ★ The 341st is the movie “Marvelous” ★ “007/Casino Royal” Martin Campbell’s latest work! Revenge assassin VS Aesthetics of superb, the killing of the superb!

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★ Cinema time ★ The 341st is the aesthetics of the superbly killed!

“John Wick” Production Studio X “007/Casino Royal” will release

Introducing the movie “Marvelous”.

This work is a revenge assassin, a perfect escorter, a ⼯ ⼯ ⼯ ⼯ ⼯ ⼯ ⼯ ⼯ ⼯ ⼯ ⼯ ⼯ ⼯ ⼯ ⼯ ⼯ ⼯

In the back society, there are super -classes that are not straightforward according to the aesthetics of ⼰

Making full use of knowledge, charm, and killing skills

Directed by the world of violence killers and the unknown spy world that turns the world into the crotch, in the world of the United Kingdom, Romania, Vietnam, etc. ] And the masterpiece “007” Martin Campbell “Mission: Impossible 3” and “Dai Hard 4.0”, “Spider -Man: Home Caming” in “Spider -Man: Homecoming” in front of Maggie Q Anna. Michael Keaton’s hundred battles, Mody, Moody, Killing Action, which fights for pride known for “Pulp Fiction” and “Die Hard 3”! Samuel L. Jackson, known for “Die Hard 3”

Each plays the complex characters living in a rugged world, each of which is attractive

With a thrilling action scene

Sweet and splendid romantic scenes reminiscent of “007”

The deep human drama is also 크레이지슬롯 a highlight!

Please enjoy it at the movie theater ♪

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